Wednesday, October 21, 2020

If the Shoe Fits... Shove it in Their Mouth

     It's not just conjecture to say that foot fetish is the most popular fetish... it's absolutely true. Foot fetishists enjoy a variety of things about feet, and all their parts, but the fetish is often not limited to feet. Along with fetishization of various toe types, toenails, heels, arch, feet wrinkles, feet calluses, etc. many foot fetishists adore shoes, and the variety is pretty amazing, especially to someone who is not necessarily into this fetish. So many unique tastes and various fascinations with shoes, from sandals, to sneakers, to ballet flats, uggs, and of course stilettos and high heels, it can be overwhelming. I bet though if you stopped for a minute you may realize you have a thing for shoes, maybe not a full blown fetish, but definitely a love and admiration for the coveted foot coverings. From Keds to Louboutins, the varietys, brands, and stlyes of shoes seem never ending, and frankly, kind of overwhelming.

    When I have asked my shoe fetishists what aspect they specificially feel drawn to, the answer is as wide ranging as brands of shoes. I have been told a few times it was the cartoon mom/nanny in several saturday morning cartoons, where the mother was just the legs and heels, with part of her skirt in the shot and no other part of her, like in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. For others it has to do with a deep adoration for the power a woman holds when she dons these magical shoes that make her taller, legs appear longer, as grace and strength pour from her. Others love the feeling and thought of being completely walked on by women, to be compeltely objectified as if they were nothing more than a rug to be trampled, used, and eventually discarded. Some subs prefer old sneakers and Ugg's because the smell really turns them on, and they feel humiliated for liking something so taboo as stinky old shoes and boots. Yet another preference is for thick hard soles boots, boots that can be lovingly polished, and used to kick, and be kissed, and worshipped. 

    While many like a variety of experiences with feet and shoes, not all are submissive, but it's been my experience when someone is in awe of your foot apparel, it is possible to get them to do just about anything to be close to those shoes, underneath them, it truly doesn't matter which way they want them, they will be open to most things. The reason for this is because most vanilla people are very uncomfortable around feet. I think we all know at least one person who is sure feet are the most disgusting things in the world, right? While foot fetishes are super common, it is still not a mainstream fetish by far, not like boobs or something to that effect. If you are able to keep an open mind, you can have an awful lot of fun with someone who is into shoes. Of course, as a Dominatrix, I tend to spend a lot of time with male subs who want me to trample them, who want to lick the bottoms of my boots and be subject to me shoving my gorgeous stilettos down their throats. Let me tell you, it's fucking hot!

    I have always loved making men my abject pets, ready to do whatever at the snap of my fingers. It's a truly fascinating game. Before going pro, I didn't spend a lot of my personal BDSM play time dedicated to foot fetish, so it was kind of a whole new world for me, but I immediately dove into it and the psychology behind it. I didn't hesitate when a sub would ask me to walk on them no matter how much smaller they were than I. I became privy to the world of giantess fetish because of foot fetish parties, and the desire to be made to feel insignificantly small under Mistress's feet, or heels, was a common request for me. It probably had something to do with the fact I am 5'9" without heels on and about 6'2" with heels. I have always towered over males, and during my twenties had discarded many pairs of high heels for ballet flats or wedges that prevented me from towering over my insecure dates. Luckily I didn't stick with that too long, because I love heels, and heels with platforms so if I am taller than you and you cannot handle it, then that's too bad.

   It was really interesting to me how one person could see my height as a glorious thing while others were ashamed when I was taller than them, and how much of this affected not only my self awareness, but also effected what kind of shoe I would wear. Shoes have always had so much power and even when I was subconsciously aware of how they made me feel or my partner feel, I became hyper aware when someone reveled in my statuesque beauty and the additional height achieved with stilettos or platform heels. It really allowed me to experience shoe and foot fetish in a whole new light because while some people feel trapped by their insecurities, which are dictated by cultural standards of height and dominance, others revel in them and explore their subversive desires. 

The magic found in accepting our idiosyncracies is a powerful thing. And having someone literally suck off a stiletto I'm wearing, is one of my favorite things to witness... 

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