Saturday, December 19, 2015

Just a thought

Women are constantly being told to "smile" by men and random people they pass in the street and throughout the day. On the flip side, women are told they look too old if they have deep smile lines... MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MINDS MEN

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pics from shoot as promised! Just a preview and short hello

I am pretty stoked with the outcome of this shoot, and even though these are unedited minus the last one, I am really excited to see how they will be after editing... I will write more soon, I have a lot to talk about and share, but I am fried from finals this week and am passing the fuck out early tonight. sweet dreams perverts. xoxo

Friday, December 4, 2015

Repeating misogyny...

I started working as a Female Dominant, or FemDomme, in August of 2015 via webcam and phone. Prior to that, I have practiced as a sexually dominant female for most of my adult life, but have not always been active in the public BDSM community. I have always enjoyed dominating men and watching as they fall into their true and natural submissive role, whether it be through sensual or sadistic means.

One thing I have never enjoyed about men is how much they feel women's bodies belong to them, or that we owe them something for being who we are. I have experienced it in a more tangible way than ever before since I have started putting myself out there, via social media and various web outlets. Several times a day I receive direct messages, and sometimes public messages, from men asking for my time or attention with promises of pleasing me or being everything to me. I find it insufferable that a man would think that he is the only one, or the first one, to come along and try to claim me as his, when that is not what I am offering. It is not confusing why this happens, as our society has taught men that they are the dominant ones, who are supposed to own every person, place, and thing, but that does not mean this is how women want to be treated. 

When these men contact me, it is usually to see if I would offer them advice, or if they can be my submissive to service me sexually, and my favorite, to be my submissive/slave but only at their commands. They come in full force with flattery and the moment they get checked, and I remind them that I am the boss and that this is a profession for me, they start calling me a greedy cunt, who doesn't know what she's doing, etc. It is never okay to ask for money for a service your provide, especially if you are a sex worker because then the facade fades and they realize that, no I am not some regular woman, waiting for some man to come save me and guide me. I got this shit, I know whats up and I am confident in my capabilities and my sexuality to say yes, you fucking pay me for any advice or service there unto where I am guiding you as a dominant. Period. As someone who already owns a business, I can tell you that giving out freebies will never earn you respect from a client. 

I have already had the hilarious experience of a slave contacting me about becoming my live in and when I told them I was not in a place where I wanted to have a live in,they pushed that I was the Goddess for them and that they would do everything for me and I could use them however I want. This person demanded an inordinate amount of time and attention from me in just the short time we had talked and that was without any kind of agreement or confirmation that I even wanted their service. After about a week, the person decided they were no longer interested in me and blocked me from their public accounts and denounced me for not giving them enough. In less than 7 days, this person devoted themselves to me, told me I was the only Goddess for them, and made a 180 to then denounce me and block me, saying I was a bad person, for non-disclosed reasons.  I want to share this experience, so you will understand why your words, as a submissive or slave, mean nothing to me without action preceding it.

While I do have a fondness for many men in my life, I also find men in general to be a terrible parasitic gender, with the inability to understand that women's bodies do not belong to them and that they do not get to decide what kind of women we will be and what kind we will not be. The type of psychotic behavior that leaks out from some men is quite deadly, but that is where the work we FemDommes do is so fucking valuable. Men need to remember that they are to be in reverence of the power and glory of the female gender, and that only through our discipline and direction can they understand that their behavior towards women is most often deplorable. It is our job to break them of all their societal conditioning that tells them, they are in control and they are the more powerful of the genders. It is simply not true, and the sooner they accept that, the sooner they will start to truly see and accept women as the superior of the human species.