Thursday, February 11, 2016

What I look for in a prospective submissive's application

I have been receiving a lot of requests for realtime session lately and I am very excited about it! I have sent out 4 today alone! I figured some of you who desire to serve, but are unsure how to do so and may have some questions, but are unsure who to ask or how to approach a Dominant woman. While I am still learning the nuances of the application process, I am very confident in knowing what I am looking for when I read an application. Here are some tips to make the application process that much easier....

-Don't be dishonest!
  This is huge!! As much as you think you can lie and get away with it, YOU CANNOT. When you are in session, the something you lied about may be brought up and then you will have to fake it and it will change the entire dynamic of the session and I guarantee you your Domme will catch you! You guys, (yes men specifically) are not fooling anyone! I mean you might think you can, but not only is dishonesty not tolerated, it is extremely disrespectful and shows your lack of respect for the dominant you are claiming you desire to serve. Just don't do it!

-Know yourself enough to answer somewhat penetrating questions about your fetish/desire to serve.

  While many of you may be new to BDSM and especially to requesting a live session with a prodomme, you need to reflect within yourself what it is that has brought you to this point. What sort of deep desire are you wishing to explore? How has this desire been suppressed or expressed and at what cost? What fetishes do you want to explore and how long you have desired to express your fetish and needed instead to repress it? These questions, or similar ones, will be asked of you on many applications and your reply will make or break your chance at getting accepted for service.

-Remember what you are applying for.

    I know we are often all very proud of our accomplishments, and we should be! Life can be a real shit sometimes, so its great to recognize how hard we have worked for something. That being said, watch being overly prideful. I have noticed this to be an issue for many men, specifically, as it is more common for men in general to receive praise for intellectual and business pursuits, and more common for women to receive praise for physical beauty. While I think this societal system of reward/recognition is supremely flawed, it is very clear in some of the responses to the application questions. Remember, while the application does focus on you clarifying more about your intentions in applying, its main focus is to see what kind of submissive you will be, how easily you will remained focused on serving, and what can be expected from you during a session.

Ultimately, the goal is for both D/s to get something out of their role in play, and if they cannot work together and support each others role, there will be some serious issues in session and both D/s will be highly unsatisfied with the results. If you have anything else to add, please do so!