Monday, June 6, 2016

DomConLA Pictures (FINALLY)

Had a great first DomconLA and am so grateful for all of the amazing women that put it together! Photos, I wish I had more! I need to get better about that. I learned a lot, went to some amazing classes, purchased some insane new tools, and realized I absolutely love CBT, because nearly everything I bought had to do with CBT. I was absolutely delighted to meet all of the wonderful Mistresses, fetish performers, members of the BDSM/Leather communities, here and abroad,  as well as their submissives/slaves. I got to meet some of the women I look up to and respect very much, Cybill Troy, Domina Helena, Carina Crash, Goddess Tangent, Mistress Gabrielle, Goddess Phoenix, Elena DeLuca, Denali Winter, Quinn Helix, Alice in Bondageland and Princess Kali.
Goddess Fae and I
Me at The Mistress Tea
DomConLA group Mistress photo

Me with Goddess Fae and Goddess Phoenix
Me in the Whiplr elite lounge

Cricket Rose, Goddess Fae, Me and Miss Freudian Slit

Me, Miss Freudian Slit, and Queen Rox

Goddess Fae and I at the Tea

Me in my brand new latex dress from Syren Latex

Shenanigans in leather, as captured by Miss Freudian Slit