Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And a kinky New Year to you too!

Hello perverts! This New Year is going to be a lively one! I have so much to share, so here goes;
This year, I will be making clips for the first time ever and selling them via until I launch my website late February, which will be a pay members site. My pay site will also include, an application in which you will be able to apply to serve me as a submissive/slave for live sessions in San Diego. As far as clips go, I will be releasing at least two clips a month, possibly three depending on how busy I am. Thats a guaranteed 24 clips in 2016! I have a huge list of BDSM/fetish clips I would like to make, and would love to hear feedback at what fetishes you desire to see me film clips of, which you can leave in the comment section of this blog. If you are interested in custom clips and mp4s, I will be making those as well...

I will be attending DomCon LA this year and am really grateful a woman I look up to immensely, as a business mentor, Goddess Fae, will be the Mistress of Ceremonies! I foresee a really bitching time at the Con! I am soon to be in contact with Mistress Ellen to learn some more about puppy and pony play, because I would love to be an animal handler for a well behaved pup or pony at the pet contest held there. I have my tickets already and if you are in LA and would like to serve me, that weekend, I am taking applications for a personal assistant/servant that weekend.

I have several photo shoots scheduled this year which will also be available on my fan sites, some will be BDSM, and some will be very specific fetish, and again would love to hear what kind of content you all would like to see...

My New Years Eve was a blast! I was invited to a play party where I got to spank the bottom of a very lovely sissy maid, who loved my wooden spoon the most! I was given several toys to play with, from floggers to cans and paddles, but I really enjoyed the cat o nine tails and feel a deep desire to buy one. I definitely prefer canes, paddles/spoons, cat o nine tails and am currently working on perfecting my whip skills. So, please feel free to buy me a lovely whip or cat o nine tails and I promise to beat you with it first.

As far as where you can find my smut or spend some time with me in 2016:
skype sessions
live private sessions in Southern California

I might be returning to if my negotiations work out

Feedback fuckers! Lets hear it, and MAYBE I will pretend to care.