Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Travel Dates! October 16 thru November

Hello my darlings pets!

I hope everyone is enjoying their October, my birthday and favorite month. I just had a guest appearance on the Dr Susan Block Show this last Saturday the 15th. I was joined by a sweet sissy maid, bianca, who occasionally serves me, and I demonstrated urethral sounding on her, as it is one of her favorite medical procedures. It was definitely something that stirred some awe and amazement from many of the more vanilla audience members. I enjoy sounding her as much as she loves/hates it,  because I love forcing her to take her medicine, whether she wants it or not, because I obviously know what's best for her...

I also got to hand out spankings to several of the cast and crew and was introduced to bloody jolly masochist, TS Jacqui Blu. What a joy to cane a real honest to goodness masochist! I rarely get to session with anyone who truly has a real masochistic streak, and most of my clients prefer power exchange more than pain, which is also a deep love of mine. Everyone was very welcoming at the show and I am grateful to have returned for a second appearance.

In other news, I have some new collaborations and clip productions coming when I return in early August so keep your eyes and ears out for that.

Travel dates:
October16-31: outside of Sacramento (off the grid)
November1-5: Portland
November 6-30: San Diego

December is still up in the air, as I have a few invites for work that I will need to travel for. I will update once Ive made the decision.

Until then!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Birthday Month! How to Celebrate Me!

My birthday is the 13th of October, meaning it is less than a month away!
I love celebrating my birthday and usually make a habit of celebrating for the month up to my birthday, and sometimes through October, I mean it is Halloween after all!
I love to be spoiled and I love presents, so If you are looking for a way to connect or bring a smile to my face, while tributing from afar, I appreciate even the smallest token of affection, dick pics excluded. Take a peek at my wishlist, and if you don't see what you like there, a tribute or purchase of some of my niteflirt goody bags or goodies will support this fetish artist! Madam's Birthday Wishlist

YouTube Clips Up Now!

I have been wanting to post mini teaser clips for some time now and finally figured out my garageband and iMovie editor. I hate to admit that it was a challenge for me, but I am happy with the result and hope that you all will enjoy my homemade sexy time art!

Prepare to submit

Submit To Madam

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Double FemDomme sessions with guest Dominatrix, Madame Sablique Von Lux

My friend and colleague, and one bad ass femdom, Madame Sablique AKA Gypsy Von Lux, will be visiting San Diego from August 28-September 4th. We will be offering double Domme sessions including but not limited to; ball busting, giantess, trampling, foot/ass/armpit worship, ignoring, tease & denial, humiliation, puppy play, and cbt.

Deposit is required for all sessions, and the best way to apply is on my website, via the session inquiry page.

We will be filming quite a bit while she is here, so it would be a great time, for Skype sessions and custom clip requests if live sessions aren't an option. We always enjoy the different ways in which we can infiltrate your mind and make you our little plaything.

Madame Sablique
Madam Sydney

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Double Domme with Goddess Fae tomorrow between 3-5pm

Goddess Fae and I are offering skype and phone double Domme sessions tomorrow, August 10 from 3-5pm PST. Tribute is $4/min phone and $5/min skype. Pre-booking suggested, as spaces available are limited. We will be sessioning from the dungeon and are looking forward to having our way with those slaves lucky enough to be dominated by us two superior females.

You can find more information out about contacting us and how to tribute on our websites:

Slave tasks with Goddess Fae and Madam Sydney

Goddess Fae and I are interested in trying out some different ways of being served by all of the excited and obedient slaves that contact us. We will be running a trial, offering double Domme slave tasks via kik messenger, for the next few weeks to see how it goes. We have decided to assign 4 slave tasks to any slave willing and brave enough to participate, for a tribute of $75. The tasks will escalate as we move through them and will vary depending on our mood, your behavior and of course your ability to complete said tasks in a reasonable amount of time.

You can find information on how to tribute via our websites:

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Applying for a Session with Me: Do's and Don'ts.

Ever since I started taking professional sessions, I have had several people apply for session time, but only a few have been accepted. Why? I will go over some of the things that cause me to turn away potential clients, and things that will cause me to accept you.

DO's & DON'Ts

1. Take the time to fill out the session inquiry in full. Think about why you want to session with ME, and describe what you envision happening with me, in a session. I am interested in what you want to explore, because I know what I like and I want to know if your interest aligns with my interest and expertise. I am a professional, and that means I take pride in my art, I take pride in my sessions and in order to make this work for both of us, we need to communicate on some level. If you are contacting me as a submissive, do not forget that I require respect from all of the clients and submissives I play with and will not hesitate to deny your request if I feel I am in any way being disrespected.

2. Tribute appropriately and have references ready upon request. I prefer working with subs who have a good reference from another ProDomme, that is easy to reach via text or phone, email is acceptable as well but not preferred. If you are new and do not have a reference, you may be required to give a larger portion of tribute to the deposit. An accepted session request requires a portion of the total tribute, as deposit, to hold session time and date, and it is clearly noted on the website and application. If you aren't willing to leave a deposit, I will not work with you and it is non-negotiable.

3.  I am very good at reading people, but often times people try not to be read. If I feel at all unclear of your intentions, I will require more information until I feel good about moving forward. If you are not willing to comply by completing simple tasks, such as filling out minor paper work and or liability forms, then I will not work with you, period. Most subs love it when a Domme wants to know specifics about them and their fetishes and/or submissive desires, so when you are resistant to my show of interest, it is questionable.

4. I am interested in submissives, masochists, fetishists, and those interested in TPE or Total Power Exchange. If you don't know what you align as, or if you are inexperienced, that is okay, but you need to remember that this is not just an act for me, this is who I am. Therefore I will only spend my time with those who I feel have gone above and beyond what is necessary to get my attention and show their truest desire to serve me. Decide if it is appropriate to read up on different BDSM roles/expressions, so you can gain clarity on what you are interested in.

5. Address me appropriately! Madam, Miss, Ma'am, Goddess, Domina, Mistress are all acceptable titles for addressing me with respect. Do not write me sloppy emails, or I will not read them. Take some responsibility for what you are putting in front of me as a representation of yourself. I love great grammar! I know not everyone has excellent grammar, but at least try!

6. Do not ask me to tell you more about myself, UNLESS you have already read everything you can about me from all of my various online profiles, PLEASE. I will most likely repeat some of the various things I have written previously, as they all tend to sum me up pretty well.

7. Do NOT send me dick pics or other unnecessarily explicit and unsolicited materials, as I will not accept them and you will be immediately rejected.

Hopefully this will be a helpful guideline for those of you who are wanting to book a professional session, but are unaware of the etiquette or appropriate way to go about speaking to a Professional Domme. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment, if you have a specific question that I did not address.

Monday, June 6, 2016

DomConLA Pictures (FINALLY)

Had a great first DomconLA and am so grateful for all of the amazing women that put it together! Photos, I wish I had more! I need to get better about that. I learned a lot, went to some amazing classes, purchased some insane new tools, and realized I absolutely love CBT, because nearly everything I bought had to do with CBT. I was absolutely delighted to meet all of the wonderful Mistresses, fetish performers, members of the BDSM/Leather communities, here and abroad,  as well as their submissives/slaves. I got to meet some of the women I look up to and respect very much, Cybill Troy, Domina Helena, Carina Crash, Goddess Tangent, Mistress Gabrielle, Goddess Phoenix, Elena DeLuca, Denali Winter, Quinn Helix, Alice in Bondageland and Princess Kali.
Goddess Fae and I
Me at The Mistress Tea
DomConLA group Mistress photo

Me with Goddess Fae and Goddess Phoenix
Me in the Whiplr elite lounge

Cricket Rose, Goddess Fae, Me and Miss Freudian Slit

Me, Miss Freudian Slit, and Queen Rox

Goddess Fae and I at the Tea

Me in my brand new latex dress from Syren Latex

Shenanigans in leather, as captured by Miss Freudian Slit

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cash Points Meet & Fetish Companion in Portland April 22- April 27

I am currently in one of my favorite cities and while I am all booked up for full sessions, I have a few openings for CPM and FC . Not sure what either are? Lets Discuss!

Cash Points Meet

-CPM means; I meet with you in a public place, often times near or at a cash point, you eagerly provide a donation in an amount we agree on. Other gifts are also welcome. The meet lasts 10-15mins where I also provide you with the pleasure of My conversation/humiliation/domination, depending on the your humble requests and how I am feeling that day. 

Anything beyond 10-15mins is not a traditional CPM and will be negotiated as such.

Fetish Companion

-If you are wanting to honor Me with a shopping trip, we would meet at the place of business, be it a traditional mall or boutiques. There is a minimum tribute required for Me to "just shop", vs an actual Fetish Companion or FC. 

If you are wanting to take Me shopping/lunch/spa/whatever and dominate/humiliate you for more than an hour, this is considered FC, and there will be an hourly tribute required on top off whatever you chose to gift in clothes, etc.

I love what I do and deeply enjoy dominating men. I demand respect and honesty. If you are serious about having a high quality sensuous experience, I would love to have you serve Me. Know I do not offer prostitution services, I am solely a professional dominatrix and I want to be very clear about that. I am allowed to stop any and all interactions at anytime I feel you are jeopardizing My safety and not being submissive to Me.

Know a $50 donation is required to secure the meet, regardless of the type.

The reason I am supplying a description is because there seems to be some confusion in the difference between the two, and I am honestly tired of telling each client who wants to know so now you can find out on your own by reading this! YAY!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Feels Like the First Time...Needles! Needles Needles!

   Having never experienced piercing someone else's flesh, I was a bit nervous, but not as much as I was tittilated. The cleanliness of the medical room, the black latex gloves, the shininess of the medical tools and needles, it was intoxicating. We bound him tightly to the examination chair and bound his feet to the stirrups, giving him no chance of an escape or an out. Layers upon layers of shiny plastic wrap pinching his fragile flesh, reminding him of his place. Once he was secure, the insertions began, as We took turns piercing and penetrating our submissive. I was the last to insert the needles into the shaft of his currently turgid cock, as it had been oscillating between hard and soft since We started inserting needles from the scrotum up to the middle of the shaft, the remaining 1/3 ready from My design. I took the 22 gauge needle from the sterile wrapper, and removed the lid from the needle tip. Having his cock in hand, I grabbed a bit of flesh from the underside and diagonally penetrated his skin, watching as he moaned from the sensation. I did not feel one bit of remorse as he writhed like a pain slut, ready to be used. I actually felt My desire to insert more needles into him grow with dazzling intensity. The next needle inserted, created an X shape with the needle I placed it over, eliciting an even stronger response from the subject of My sadism.  I inserted another and then another, making a second X above the other X, he continued to writhe in anguishing ecstasy. As We worked on him, I could feel his endorphins flow through Me like a wave of intensity, as My skills as an empath increase greatly when I am deep in a session.

   Slowly, a urethral sound was inserted into his pin cushion of a dick, his ecstasy now rising to heights where he was beyond words and moaning deeply behind his full leather hood mask. he had become Ours to do as We wish, penetrate him in all of the ways We desired, as his only desire was to please Us. We continued to penetrate his dickhole until We could see he was on the edge of something too wonderful, and We didn't want that, not yet! The sound was removed effortlessly, and We then turned to the needles and slowly removed them one by one, turning the needles under the skin as they were dragged out so the sharp point would give one last scrape, a reminder of who is always in charge. Blood slowly dripped down the sides of his now softened member and he thanked Us furiously for Our dominance and attention to him. Slowly he was released from his bondage and as he was, he fell to Our feet begging to kiss them, and We allowed it, though We were not finished yet. There was still much more to come....

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Goddess Fae and The Femdom Four "Kink Social and Party"Dungeon West LA, April 1st. GET TICKETS HERE!!

I am so privileged and excited to be joining Goddess Fae and three other amazing Dominas, Principal Angelina Adams, Rox Van Der Lee, Lady D Royal, for this upcoming kink lifestyle social at fabulous Dungeon West in LA. The social will be from 9pm-2am, and is open to all genders, sexual orientations, couples, or singles! 

Have you ever wanted to meet a Professional Dominatrix but been too shy/scared, or have not known how to even approach one? Here is your chance to get to meet and learn from some of the most beautiful and experienced Dominatrixes, while socializing with other kinksters in a gorgeous private dungeon, Dungeon West LA. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $10, where you could have the chance of winning a 20 minute group or individual Pro-Domme session.

Kinky attire acceptable, once inside the venue, and consensual play welcome. Light hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served, and you will need to bring your own alcohol and specific mixers. We will have a bartender label your items and pour drinks for you. 

I hope to see some of my favorite west coast naughties there, as I look forward to meeting more of you, in person, so you can really experience my brand of deviousness, and the intensity at which I conjure out the deepest, darkest parts of your soul. 

Footnight LA March 31st

I will be modeling at my first Footnight event, the final Thursday of March, which is the 31st. I am really excited to meet all the models and be served by foot boys!

In honor of my first Footnight, I have set up a raffle so that one lucky person will be able to meet me before the event for a cocktail or coffee and a quick bite! You can get a raffle ticket by going to my My Free Cams profile ( and giving one offline or online tip of 300 tokens*. This is in no way a domination session, nor am I offering prostitution or sexual services AT ALL. I wanted to offer a chance at meeting me so someone who is a prospective submissive, or a non-submissive fan, may be able to meet with me in a relaxed environment and not only have the pleasure of my company, but also a chance to ask me any questions they may have, within reason, about my kink experiences/preferences, etc.

you can purchase tickets here:

and see my profile here:

I know I will see you there... and I look forward to seeing you beneath my feet, where you belong

*I offer discounts on multiple raffle ticket purchases

Thursday, February 11, 2016

What I look for in a prospective submissive's application

I have been receiving a lot of requests for realtime session lately and I am very excited about it! I have sent out 4 today alone! I figured some of you who desire to serve, but are unsure how to do so and may have some questions, but are unsure who to ask or how to approach a Dominant woman. While I am still learning the nuances of the application process, I am very confident in knowing what I am looking for when I read an application. Here are some tips to make the application process that much easier....

-Don't be dishonest!
  This is huge!! As much as you think you can lie and get away with it, YOU CANNOT. When you are in session, the something you lied about may be brought up and then you will have to fake it and it will change the entire dynamic of the session and I guarantee you your Domme will catch you! You guys, (yes men specifically) are not fooling anyone! I mean you might think you can, but not only is dishonesty not tolerated, it is extremely disrespectful and shows your lack of respect for the dominant you are claiming you desire to serve. Just don't do it!

-Know yourself enough to answer somewhat penetrating questions about your fetish/desire to serve.

  While many of you may be new to BDSM and especially to requesting a live session with a prodomme, you need to reflect within yourself what it is that has brought you to this point. What sort of deep desire are you wishing to explore? How has this desire been suppressed or expressed and at what cost? What fetishes do you want to explore and how long you have desired to express your fetish and needed instead to repress it? These questions, or similar ones, will be asked of you on many applications and your reply will make or break your chance at getting accepted for service.

-Remember what you are applying for.

    I know we are often all very proud of our accomplishments, and we should be! Life can be a real shit sometimes, so its great to recognize how hard we have worked for something. That being said, watch being overly prideful. I have noticed this to be an issue for many men, specifically, as it is more common for men in general to receive praise for intellectual and business pursuits, and more common for women to receive praise for physical beauty. While I think this societal system of reward/recognition is supremely flawed, it is very clear in some of the responses to the application questions. Remember, while the application does focus on you clarifying more about your intentions in applying, its main focus is to see what kind of submissive you will be, how easily you will remained focused on serving, and what can be expected from you during a session.

Ultimately, the goal is for both D/s to get something out of their role in play, and if they cannot work together and support each others role, there will be some serious issues in session and both D/s will be highly unsatisfied with the results. If you have anything else to add, please do so!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And a kinky New Year to you too!

Hello perverts! This New Year is going to be a lively one! I have so much to share, so here goes;
This year, I will be making clips for the first time ever and selling them via until I launch my website late February, which will be a pay members site. My pay site will also include, an application in which you will be able to apply to serve me as a submissive/slave for live sessions in San Diego. As far as clips go, I will be releasing at least two clips a month, possibly three depending on how busy I am. Thats a guaranteed 24 clips in 2016! I have a huge list of BDSM/fetish clips I would like to make, and would love to hear feedback at what fetishes you desire to see me film clips of, which you can leave in the comment section of this blog. If you are interested in custom clips and mp4s, I will be making those as well...

I will be attending DomCon LA this year and am really grateful a woman I look up to immensely, as a business mentor, Goddess Fae, will be the Mistress of Ceremonies! I foresee a really bitching time at the Con! I am soon to be in contact with Mistress Ellen to learn some more about puppy and pony play, because I would love to be an animal handler for a well behaved pup or pony at the pet contest held there. I have my tickets already and if you are in LA and would like to serve me, that weekend, I am taking applications for a personal assistant/servant that weekend.

I have several photo shoots scheduled this year which will also be available on my fan sites, some will be BDSM, and some will be very specific fetish, and again would love to hear what kind of content you all would like to see...

My New Years Eve was a blast! I was invited to a play party where I got to spank the bottom of a very lovely sissy maid, who loved my wooden spoon the most! I was given several toys to play with, from floggers to cans and paddles, but I really enjoyed the cat o nine tails and feel a deep desire to buy one. I definitely prefer canes, paddles/spoons, cat o nine tails and am currently working on perfecting my whip skills. So, please feel free to buy me a lovely whip or cat o nine tails and I promise to beat you with it first.

As far as where you can find my smut or spend some time with me in 2016:
skype sessions
live private sessions in Southern California

I might be returning to if my negotiations work out

Feedback fuckers! Lets hear it, and MAYBE I will pretend to care.