Friday, September 4, 2020

Scent Fetish: What's it All About?

      Scent Fetish, or Olfactophilia, is sexual arousal caused by scents. While this can be any scent, it is most often body parts like, armpits, genitals, feet, sweat, etc. but for some it is the more intense smells, such as bodily wastes. Those who consider themselves scent fetishists, love the smell of who they're with, or no one in particular, to the point that it becomes a craving, a need that cannot be denied or ignored. There are many ways to explore this fetish safely, and in all reality, is a fairly benign fetish when it is tended to. Many tend to be severely turned on by used panties or socks, and any other type of garment that can collect even the faintest of smells. Thats why so many sex workers tend to sell their used panties, socks, shoes, etc. because the requests are always pouring in. 

    Some of us cannot even fathom how someone would enjoy the scent of body odor, but I challenge you to start with taking notice of how your body smells at different times and allow yourself to explore the various scents that waft from your body. It may feel a little weird at first, but thats okay, just go with it and do not judge how you smell. Humans are not necessarily meant to smell like roses and the societal belief that we need to be as scentless as possible, or alternatively covered up by heavy scented perfumes and lotions, does more harm than good. It can be harmful to body image and self worth because too many people believe something is wrong with them if they smell at all, which is simply not the case. Not to mention many scented body products contain harmful chemicals that can possibly cause  health problems.

    Simply put, our natural scent contains pheromones which are a secondary sex characteristic, and an excellent subconscious indicator of who we are attracted to, mostly for biological reasons, but clearly, that doesn't have to be the reason we stay interested in the person, or the fetish. For us to get a clear sense of the way our pheromones, or someone elses's, drive our pleasure response we simply need to allow our natural scent to be the dominant scent. This isnt saying we need to stink horribly, but it's also not saying we can't do that if the desired outcome is to overwhelm. For some scent fetishists, the stinkier the better!

    In my experience, the subs I have interacted with who have this fetish, prefer heavier scents and like to book sessions after I have completed a vigourous workout or have worn the same clothing item days in a row. I have definitely worn the same socks and/or panties for days in a row just to get a nice dense smell coming off of the item in order to indulge the sub and use their desire to be overpowered by the smell of their dominant. I remember when I first had a scent fetishist in my personal life, and was really surprised with how much they craved to smell me and would beg me to never wear deodorant, or to forgo bathing for a day or two so my scent could really percolate. I was reluctant at first, but after watching the euphoria they experienced huffing me, I felt oddly empowered. 

    There is something so taboo about going against societys prescribed protocol of being scentless or heavily perfumed, constantly bathed to the point of developing germ phobias, that it becomes arousing to know many people prefer the natural scent to manufactured cosmetic fragrances. It makes sense if you think about it, the need to civilize humanity starts with the removal of their base desires and animalistic nature, which in reality and in essence is ultimately the disconnecting of the normal bodily processes. Many processes which produce scents are taboo or considered unclean in many patriarchal religions, causing us to believe such things as "cleanliness is next to godliness". If we believe our human bodies are wrong for smelling then we will do everything possible to disconnect from our animalistic response to pheromones. 

    Understanding these taboos can absolutely help to create a space for scent worship and often leads to erotic humilaition play and psychological domination. Often when I am allowing a submissive to partake in my scent, I love to tease them about their addiction to me and the way I smell. I tell them things like, "you're so weak for my scent",  "my scent enslaves every part of your being, and there's nothing you can do to fight it", "you're such a nasty little scent piggy", and my favorite for when one is worshiping my scent soaked armpits is to tell them, "make sure you do an excellent job of licking up every drop of sweat, you need to lick my armpits clean. Do you feel me inside of you? I am in you now, dominating you, my scent owns you." The response from the sub is more than enough to enjoy the experience because you feel so powerful watching someone worship the very thing that used to cause you anxiety, or fear of being not normal, etc.

    While I am in no way saying do not ever wash again, as that could potentially cause bacterial overgrowth, I am saying to experiment with this taboo fetish, if you haven't. At the very least, take some time to honor the natural scent your body makes knowing that someone out there would be extremely atracted to you, and completely paralyzed by your chemisty. You never know, you may develop a new fetish.


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