Saturday, April 11, 2020

Quarantine Life: Anxiety Reducing Meditation

I know we've all been going through so much as we continue to be isolated in our homes, forbidden to go out and socialize. While it may be in the best interest for all, and I believe it is, as do many others, it doesn't negate the fact that this isn't our normal. We're used to going about our lives as we please, constantly moving, with external stimulation and distraction being a normal part of how we experience daily life. Without so many distractions, we are forced to look within.

While we are forced to be still, we are unable to ignore the nagging thoughts, the resentments, the self doubt, the regrets of the past that we always push aside or ignore. This is our subconscious trying to get us to deal with past trauma and other things we have not spent the time working through. So now instead of going to a movie or going out to eat, we are drinking or medicating or working out too much or online shopping to excess.. whatever we can do to continually avoid those thoughts, we will... Until we decide to face them, heal them and make peace with them.

Meditation is one way to learn to face and heal some of these thoughts and to accept that every thought doesn't need to be given attention. It also teaches us we do not need to cling to thoughts and feelings, we can simply notice them and honor the information they give us and use that to heal and make peace with our choices and actions, and ultimately become more conscious in our decision making so that we do not cultivate any more regret or resentment. Meditation teaches us to cultivate compassion for ourselves and for others, as it is up to us what we cultivate in our minds.

I hope this helps to alleviate any suffering you may be experiencing and if it does and you feel called to share it, please do.

Anxiety Reducing meditation

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