Friday, April 8, 2016

Feels Like the First Time...Needles! Needles Needles!

   Having never experienced piercing someone else's flesh, I was a bit nervous, but not as much as I was tittilated. The cleanliness of the medical room, the black latex gloves, the shininess of the medical tools and needles, it was intoxicating. We bound him tightly to the examination chair and bound his feet to the stirrups, giving him no chance of an escape or an out. Layers upon layers of shiny plastic wrap pinching his fragile flesh, reminding him of his place. Once he was secure, the insertions began, as We took turns piercing and penetrating our submissive. I was the last to insert the needles into the shaft of his currently turgid cock, as it had been oscillating between hard and soft since We started inserting needles from the scrotum up to the middle of the shaft, the remaining 1/3 ready from My design. I took the 22 gauge needle from the sterile wrapper, and removed the lid from the needle tip. Having his cock in hand, I grabbed a bit of flesh from the underside and diagonally penetrated his skin, watching as he moaned from the sensation. I did not feel one bit of remorse as he writhed like a pain slut, ready to be used. I actually felt My desire to insert more needles into him grow with dazzling intensity. The next needle inserted, created an X shape with the needle I placed it over, eliciting an even stronger response from the subject of My sadism.  I inserted another and then another, making a second X above the other X, he continued to writhe in anguishing ecstasy. As We worked on him, I could feel his endorphins flow through Me like a wave of intensity, as My skills as an empath increase greatly when I am deep in a session.

   Slowly, a urethral sound was inserted into his pin cushion of a dick, his ecstasy now rising to heights where he was beyond words and moaning deeply behind his full leather hood mask. he had become Ours to do as We wish, penetrate him in all of the ways We desired, as his only desire was to please Us. We continued to penetrate his dickhole until We could see he was on the edge of something too wonderful, and We didn't want that, not yet! The sound was removed effortlessly, and We then turned to the needles and slowly removed them one by one, turning the needles under the skin as they were dragged out so the sharp point would give one last scrape, a reminder of who is always in charge. Blood slowly dripped down the sides of his now softened member and he thanked Us furiously for Our dominance and attention to him. Slowly he was released from his bondage and as he was, he fell to Our feet begging to kiss them, and We allowed it, though We were not finished yet. There was still much more to come....

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