Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cash Points Meet & Fetish Companion in Portland April 22- April 27

I am currently in one of my favorite cities and while I am all booked up for full sessions, I have a few openings for CPM and FC . Not sure what either are? Lets Discuss!

Cash Points Meet

-CPM means; I meet with you in a public place, often times near or at a cash point, you eagerly provide a donation in an amount we agree on. Other gifts are also welcome. The meet lasts 10-15mins where I also provide you with the pleasure of My conversation/humiliation/domination, depending on the your humble requests and how I am feeling that day. 

Anything beyond 10-15mins is not a traditional CPM and will be negotiated as such.

Fetish Companion

-If you are wanting to honor Me with a shopping trip, we would meet at the place of business, be it a traditional mall or boutiques. There is a minimum tribute required for Me to "just shop", vs an actual Fetish Companion or FC. 

If you are wanting to take Me shopping/lunch/spa/whatever and dominate/humiliate you for more than an hour, this is considered FC, and there will be an hourly tribute required on top off whatever you chose to gift in clothes, etc.

I love what I do and deeply enjoy dominating men. I demand respect and honesty. If you are serious about having a high quality sensuous experience, I would love to have you serve Me. Know I do not offer prostitution services, I am solely a professional dominatrix and I want to be very clear about that. I am allowed to stop any and all interactions at anytime I feel you are jeopardizing My safety and not being submissive to Me.

Know a $50 donation is required to secure the meet, regardless of the type.

The reason I am supplying a description is because there seems to be some confusion in the difference between the two, and I am honestly tired of telling each client who wants to know so now you can find out on your own by reading this! YAY!

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