Thursday, December 10, 2015

Photo Shoot! and

I had a great shoot last night, with Scott K. from Model Mayhem! We did a great set in my bedroom, where I cam so I am hoping everyone like them, and of course I couldn't help but to Domme him a little during the shoot. I figure the intent will come across much better in the photo when I have the leash in my hand.

I had a few cute sensual Domme type outfits; 1. purple and black satin underbust corset with a purple ribbon halter tie, black bra, black satin garter belt skirt with pink and purple bows, with wide diamond fishnets, and black high heeled mules. 2.Same outfit, except different waist piece, this time a thick, black, wide, belt with three rows of o-ring type openings, super hot, and later we turned the same belt into a top, fucking sexy.

Then I did some fun stuff for my cam audience; 1.Some cut up rock shirts, with my fave chonies, pink and blue striped with a skull sewn on the front, and black leg warmers.. I even got out my giant purple cock lolli, and sucked on that for about 30 seconds and then the photog asked me to stop, lol. 2. and the thick belt as a top with my chonies and leg warmers.

It was so fun and it had been a minute since I did a shoot, and I remembered the kind of work it is too. I am a pretty focused worker when it comes to me and my body and how I want to be photographed, so I tend to go hard for about an hour and half to two hours and then, depending on what I have to work with, I find myself getting bored or distracted. No fault of the photographers, but as much as it is empowering to be the point of focus, it can also be somewhat tiring, because for me, I really like to give my best and try to shine through in the set. Allowing the true self to shine through can be hard because, it seems like when we look at someones picture we see what we want to see, and not what they truly are. So I have to take into account what could be interpreted in various poses and outfits, and how my fan base or lack thereof, would react to it, or not react to it. After going through that rigamarole, I say fuck it and do what I want regardless and that mini act of defiance allows me to shine through more than I thought I would, haha.

Ultimately I hope everyone likes them and I will put a few shots up when I get the edits, but the rest will be for sale as a package of however many, in my goodie bag! Some of the cam ones will be included in various promotions including snapchat/kik ID and such, for tokens on I am still working on my profile set up there but will fully transitioned over from, as my agency through them, has not paid me for ANY OF MY WORK since late October, by this Saturday evening, Dec. 12, 2015

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